GRR X400 SUPPORT - German RepRap USA


  This page contains all of the critical document downloads and reference links for the X400 3d printer.  If you can't find what you need here, please email


User Guide RevB01 (PDF, 5.16MB)


Unboxing & Setting Up
Loading Filament
Starting a Print


Simplify3D Support & Training Materials Click Here
Dual Extruder Configuration RevA01 (PDF) + FactoryFile


Last updated: 10/12/17
Material Profile Name Download
PLA X400_DD3_PLA FFF | Factory
ABS X400_DD3_ABS FFF | Factory
TPU93 X400_DD3_TPU93 FFF 
TPU64 X400_DD3_TPU64 FFF 
Carbon 20 X400_DD3_C20 FFF
Nylon 680 X400_DD3_N680 FFF 
Polycarbonate X400_DD3_PC FFF 

X400 V3 Pro have DD3 Hot Ends with All Aluminum Components.  Previous models have DD2 Hot Ends with a Plastic White Extruder parts and a Plastic Black Hot End.



X400 Firmware (v2.2.1) Click Here
Arduino Software Download (v1.0.6) Click Here
Firmware Upgrade Instructions RevA02 (PDF, 200KB)


Technical Support Documents

Y-Motor Test RevA01 (PDF, 120KB)
Y-Axis Belt Removal RevA01 (PDF, 225KB)
Heated Build Plate Knob Install RevA01 (PDF, 4.75MB) & (Youtube)
X400 Y-Axis Stiff Kit Install RevA01 (PDF, 1.48MB) & (Youtube 1 / 2)
Sheet Metal Plate Level RevA01 (Youtube)
DD3 (e3D) Nozzle Sizes  RevA01 (PDF, 133KB)
DD3 (e3D) Loose Heater Block RevA01 (PDF, 222KB)
Stepper Driver (Pololu) Voltage RevA01 (PDF, 297KB)


Other Resources

German RepRap GMBH Wiki Click Here
x400 Assembly Manual Click Here
German RepRap USA Google Group Click Here
Simplify 3D Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide Click Here
Teamviewer Download Click Here 
GoToMeeting Download Click Here