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  • The LAM PRE-SERIES is a technological achievement. Using a two-part Liquid Silicone Rubber that is thermally cured between layers, the LAM takes advantage of FFF processes to create parts that are equally as strong as their injection molded counterparts.

  • • LAM uses a pneumatic piston to precisely mix two LSR compounds and extrudes them through a specialized nozzle. An infrared bar passes over each layer catalyzing the reaction between the two part solution for a faster cure. This allows for faster printing speeds than traditional FDM processes.

    The LAM has been optimized for professional users, who push the limits of 3D printing in design and engineering roles across all industries – consumer products, automotive, medical, industrial, and fabrication. The technology can significantly reduce production waste, optimize the supply chain, eliminate tooling, and speed the time to market for new designs.

    The material introduces the power and versatility of silicone technology into the realm of 3D printing. LC-3335 silicone comes with a shore hardness of A50, which allows multiple variations of different densities and flexibilities. Silicone rubber customers can now combine the uniquely beneficial properties of the already qualified silicones with faster prototype development and small series production of highly complex parts.

  • Extruders Single
    Heated Bed Yes, separate power source for max heat
    Build Volume

    390mm x 400mm x 330mm

    15.4" x 15.7" x 13"

    Nozzles 0.4mm
    Weight 176lbs

    Up to 6000mm/m or 100mm/s


    Up to 100 microns

    Materials LC-3335 3D Printable Silicone Rubber

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